Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How – A Social Media Copywriting Template

The WWWWWH model makes it dead easy to advertise your product. This model gets you up and running in no time and keeps your pages humming overtime.

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Welcome to Mo’s Letter, a series of essays by Dr Mo on personal growth and professional success in a digital world. Today’s essay is about content creation.

Let’s say you sell dildos.

Look, I could’ve used shoes, baby formula, or bungee jumping as alternative examples, but I prefer testing my content formulas on far-flung products and services to see if they hold up. So for the sake of this Letter, let’s say you sell dildos and vibrators. Dee’s Dildos, to be exact.

After setting up your socials, the question becomes “what should I post?”

The WWWWWH model I’ll outline today makes it dead easy to advertise your product. This model gets you up and running in no time and keeps your pages humming overtime.

Let’s jump right in.


“Made for the busy woman with an active lifestyle, Dee’s Dildos are discrete and fit into your purse or bag for pleasure on the go. Whether you’re a curious gal or a seasoned pro, there’s something in our range for everyone. Grab yours from www.deesdildos.com.”


“Dee’s Dildos are premium sex toys designed to please with ease. Taking in two AA batteries and curved slightly for your pleasure, each dildo packs power and stimulation right where you want it: inside and out. Now available in black, brown and beige.”


“Play with Dee under the sheets, in the bathtub, or during sexy-time with bae. Wrap your hands around Dee’s swollen shaft and stimulating veins and treat yourself to a throbbing finish.”


“Grab your Dee from our adult shop on 69 Pound Avenue (open 7 days a week) or order it online from www.deesdildos.com. Not for sale to persons under the age of 18.”


“Dee’s Dildos deliver discrete pleasure on your terms. For toe-curling orgasms in minutes, there’s simply nothing better. Dee is easy to clean, too — simply wipe softly with soap and water and pat dry when finished.”

How (to use)

“Pick from our Monster Range or start with a smaller stub from our store. Each dildo comes with a bottle of lubricant for maximum pleasure; so squirt generously and pick a comfortable position for penetration. Check out our step-by-step guide to using a dildo: dontclickthislink.com.”

How (much)

“Dee Dildos start from just R500 for the Bullet Range — perfect for the first-timer. Take it up a notch with a straight Monster from R600, or go Bananas with curved pleasure from just R700. Our exclusive Pinocchio range is invite-only. See more at www.deesdildos.com.”

That’s seven quick posts to kickstart your social media marketing, and each of them is literally tweet-length or shorter. Rinse and repeat for your own brand.

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In my last post, I touched on the concept of niches — how you can find success by carving out your own little corner of the market. Here’s how:

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