Content marketing services

Better, longer, data-driven content marketing that drives demand.

I help companies understand their audience’s top challenges and craft helpful, educational, and engaging content for distribution through the right channels.

Previous clients include FreeAgentPostHogFMPMomentumLiteral Humans, and Optimist.

Relevant writing

Case studies

Produced 50+ blog posts, 16 interviews, and hundreds of social media posts over a year. 

The blog content helped Momentum rank for several CRM and sales-related keywords, traffic increased, and the content directly influenced at least $40,000 in pipeline revenue.

Momentum subsequently raised $5m in seed funding from Basis Set Ventures, Inovia Capital, Ron Pragides, and others.

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Founder’s Marketing Playbook:
Produced 14 long-form, data-driven pieces of content and dozens of social media posts across Twitter and LinkedIn over a year.

Traffic, brand awareness, and membership signups increased 20%.

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Why me?

I craft content strategy for different acquisition models (PLG, sales-led, and marketing-led motions).

I’ve worked with different company sizes (from seed to Series D), and different organizational structures (reporting to CEO vs. reporting to marketing lead). 

You get a full stack content marketer that can handle:

  • Customer research: Conducting interviews, sitting in on sales calls, and reading call transcripts
  • Comms: Working with stakeholders across sales, marketing, product, engineering, support, and HR
  • Market research: Digging into CRM data, scanning competitor websites, and mining forums for reviews
  • Strategy: Tying messaging to JTBDs, crafting messaging and positioning plans, and building GTM plans
  • Content: Creating sales enablement, support, and marketing content to support go-to-market initiatives.

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Virtual personal assistant from Los Angeles supports companies with administrative tasks and handling of office organizational issues.