Finding My Ideal Business Model

I want to build a digital business that addresses a clear pain with growing demand, low competition, strong moats, and a content-led revenue model.

How to land a well paying remote job

remote jobs

Competition is high for well-paying remote jobs, but there are several steps you can take to improve your chances. Here are 8 key things to consider.

Don’t Just Create Content Blindly

Sales Funnel Simplified

When you think in terms of funnels, content creation becomes much easier. Read on for a simple way to create content that adds directly to your bottom line.



As the world celebrates Thanksgiving this year, here’s a short list of things I’m grateful for in life.

Why You Need To Upskill Yourself

Cloud horsepower and obsolescence

The fastest-growing jobs need you to work with humans or work with tech to make life better for humans. If your role will soon be automated, here’s what you can do.

Find Out Where You Stand

Perhaps you never follow up or ask for clarity on things because you’re afraid of the answers you might get. That’s perfectly understandable. It’s also not an excuse.


If your original business concept isn’t working, you don’t actually have a business or brand to be precious about. Here’s how to pivot to profitability.

Put Yourself Out There

#NoNewFriends is not life advice. In the real world, the money, companionship, opportunities, and fulfilment you seek are in the hands of other people.

Be A Resource

Being a resource allows you to create an audience, generate a marketplace, and monetize the reach and access you’re bringing to your buyers and sellers.

Your Own Little Corner

You can choose to scale up or niche down your business — and you could make billions in either direction. Here’s how.

And That’s OK

A small part of anxiety stems from our fear of failure, rejection, and abandonment. A small part of depression stems from taking said failure, rejection, and abandonment too personally.


Affirmations—Afro girl travelling in foreign city

The same way we all have the power to infect people with bad narratives (sometimes unwittingly), we can also vaccinate them with strength and determination.

Bee The Flower

Honey bee on a flower

By creating compelling content around your brand, products and services, you make it more attractive for bees to stop by your flower and drink your branded nectar.

Your Daily Debt

Your daily debt

When you wake up in the morning—before you’ve brushed your teeth or washed your face or checked your phone—you already owe yourself money.

Sell Hammers, Not Houses

Sell hammers, not houses

There are more attempts than achievements in any field. Here’s how to leverage both ends of the supply and value chain for greater profit.

Start With Sales

In the beginning, you’ll meet people who will preach about the importance of a logo, or brand colours, or a fancy design. They’re wrong.

Pitch Them Back: How To Counter Sales Pitches

Pitch them back

Countless LinkedIn “gurus” and sales webinars have extolled the virtues of “cold pitching” — sliding into a stranger’s inbox to pitch them something. For many of these salespeople, they’re merely following the script. Here’s how we’re going to flip that script to your benefit.

This Will Not Matter

As an imperfect species, we are weirdly obsessed with perfection. The trick is to reverse-engineer the detachment.

Your CEO Should Be On Social Media

Your CEO Should Be On Social Media For Thought Leadership

From marketing and finance to product and HR, each departmental leader within your organization can create relevant, evergreen content to establish thought leadership.