How To Improve Your Online Visibility

It is time to step out of obscurity and build your audience, career, and business. Read on for top tips on how to improve your online visibility in 2021.

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We’re all trying to achieve more: more career success, more revenue, more opportunities.

A large part of that comes down to how visible we are in our respective spaces.

It makes no sense to want to be the most sought-after speaker in the country if you barely post on social, have zero marketing collateral, and don’t bother to network with others in your industry.

Ditto with law, fitness, therapy, counseling, photography, finance, investing, catering, consulting, media production, and every other profession you can think of.

So to help you out, here are 6 quick tips to improve your online visibility in 2021.

#1 Set up your socials

You’ll need a LinkedIn account (non-negotiable), an Instagram account (if you’re a performer, entertainer, or creative), and maybe a Twitter account for good measure (that’s where all the smart people live).

Upload a professional photo, add a few accolades, and list your current projects, employment, and interests. After you’re done…

#2 Connect with others in your space

Search for organizations doing cool things in your space and connect with their founders and leadership team.

Social media allows you to share the same space with celebrities like Elon Musk, Barack Obama, and Mohammed Shehu. Seriously, take advantage of it.

When you’re done, you should probably…

#3 Set up a website

To really stand out from the pack, you need a website. Setting up your socials requires little effort — anybody can do it in 30 seconds — but a website signals seriousness.

Besides, if you have a unique name like mine, I’m almost certain your domain name is still available.

Keep things simple: have an “About Me” section, some previous works and clients you’ve worked with, and a list of services you offer.

Link to your socials for easier access, and add one or two professional photos.

See my website for inspiration, and reach out if you need yours done for you.

You can also read my guide on website development for newbies.

When you’re done, it’s time to…

#4 Share content

Personal branding is not about you; it’s about your content. Think about what you already know and write about it. Try and post at least twice a week (preferably more).

If you’re into fitness, tell us how to get bulging glutes in 3 weeks. If you’re into journalism, share some tips on how to get a job in your field.

Perhaps you’ve survived a lawsuit before — give us tips on how to navigate one. Start with short tweets and experiment with longer blog posts as you go along.

Everybody is an expert on something — you just need to figure out where your expertise lays.

And when you share your knowledge, it gives others an incentive to connect with you online and offline. While you’re at it…

#5 Offer something for free

Being a good netizen (internet citizen) is about giving more than you take. To that end, offer a small resource for free to attract new followers.

This could be a guide to better budgeting (if you’re into finance), some links to cool artists you like (if you’re a DJ, musician, or producer), or a list of places that offer free health checkups (if you’re a coach, therapist, etc.).

Figure out what would be most appropriate for your profession and brand, and put together a quick resource to help others (like this one I made).

The benefit is that you can create it once and share it forever.

Lastly, don’t forget to…

#6 Be accessible

Make it easy for people to reach you with comments, queries, and opportunities.

If you prefer email outreach, paste your email address on your website and/or socials (you can create a separate one just for this).

If you prefer DMs, say so in your bio. If you prefer carrier pigeons, specify the color of the bird that should carry the message. Just be clear.

You can also reach out directly to prospects for new business. I explain how to do that in this thread — click to read it in full:

That’s it for now — get started on those tips and send me links to connect with you once you’re done.

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