Finding My Ideal Business Model

I want to build a digital business that addresses a clear pain with growing demand, low competition, strong moats, and a content-led revenue model.


If your original business concept isn’t working, you don’t actually have a business or brand to be precious about. Here’s how to pivot to profitability.

Your Own Little Corner

You can choose to scale up or niche down your business — and you could make billions in either direction. Here’s how.

Sell Hammers, Not Houses

Sell hammers, not houses

There are more attempts than achievements in any field. Here’s how to leverage both ends of the supply and value chain for greater profit.

Start With Sales

In the beginning, you’ll meet people who will preach about the importance of a logo, or brand colours, or a fancy design. They’re wrong.

Pitch Them Back: How To Counter Sales Pitches

Pitch them back

Countless LinkedIn “gurus” and sales webinars have extolled the virtues of “cold pitching” — sliding into a stranger’s inbox to pitch them something. For many of these salespeople, they’re merely following the script. Here’s how we’re going to flip that script to your benefit.