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3 Free AI Tools To Save Your Business Time And Money

Creating content that drives sales and bookings is hard. AI tools can help you speed up the process. Use these three free AI tools to save you time and money.

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Creating content that drives sales and bookings is hard. AI tools can help you speed up the process.

Here are three ways AI can shorten content creation time by up to 80%:

  1. Writing
  2. Editing
  3. Visuals

#1 Write with AI tools

Nothing sucks more than writer’s block. Thinking of what to write likely sucks up more time than the writing itself.

Use Rytr (free) to create copy for social media, your website, and marketing assets.

Plug in your brand name, details, and desired tone, and watch it generate the right words.

Below is what Rytr looks like in action. I asked for three variants of landing page text for a content marketing agency:

Screenshot of Rytr (AI tools)
Rytr lets you change the tone, creativity level, and use case for each generation.
Update: OpenAI recently launched ChatGPT, an AI app lets you generate any type of text you can think of. It's a game-changer for any solopreneur looking to 10x their business workflow. Best of all, it's free to use (for now).
ChatGPT in action: An AI tool small business owners would find useful
ChatGPT in action

#2 Edit your writing with AI tools

Your first draft is always shite, and that’s okay. AI-powered editing tools like Grammarly can help you polish your work before publishing. Here’s what editing this post with Grammarly looked like:

Screenshot of Grammarly (AI tools)
Grammarly integrates with Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and most browsers.

Pair Grammarly with Hemingway to help you publish work that’s easy to read. Hemingway identifies long, confusing, or unnecessary words in your writing.

Screenshot of Hemingway (AI tools)
Hemingway offers color-coded editing to help you polish your writing.

#3 Generate visuals with AI tools

It’s hard to find visuals that haven’t been used everywhere. Thankfully, you can now generate the basic visuals you need with some prompting.

I use Midjourney to generate almost all my images and logos, but you can also use DALL-E or Here’s an image of a sunscreen bottle you might use for your website:

AI tools to generate visuals
Generative AI art tools let you specify the background, product, colors, and more.

And here’s a photo of a model you might use to advertise a photo studio:

AI tools to advertise services

The output isn’t perfect — it may add extra fingers or misshaped eyes. But this tech gets better daily, and you can always edit the output if you wish.

You can also use AI to generate logos and, soon, even turn those logos into vector files. Here’s a sample logo I generated for a copywriting business:

AI tools to generate logos
For each generation, Midjourney creates four options you can pick from.

You can also use Pixelvibe to find AI-generated stock photos and generate your own.

AI tools for more productivity

Here are just a few more ways you can save time and money in your business with AI:

AI allows you to market your brand better, faster, and in most cases, cheaper. Try out the tools in this piece and let me know how it goes.

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