Product marketing services

I help companies understand their customers deeplyposition themselves against incumbents, and create or maintain new categories through product marketing.

Previous clients include ActionerMomentumFreeAgent, and Gusto.

My product marketing approach involves user and market research, customized strategy, and rapid content delivery.

Relevant writing

Case studies


Launched newly revamped Resource Center (see OnboardingAccountants), landing pages (see Benefits), Help pages, and more.

Asset usage increased significantly, sales teams reported higher buying confidence, and the self-reported average time-to-close dropped across the board.


Designed a messaging plan, SEO plan, landing pages, and video scripts for sales enablement to support successful GTM.
FreeAgent CRM:

Launched newly revamped messaging across the homepagesolutions page, and platform page. Traffic to these pages increased 20%+ with an associated increase in conversions.

Why me?

You get a full stack product marketer that can handle:

  • Customer research: Conducting interviews, sitting in on sales calls, and reading call transcripts
  • Comms: Working with stakeholders across sales, marketing, product, engineering, support, and HR
  • Market research: Digging into CRM data, scanning competitor websites, and mining forums for reviews
  • Strategy: Tying messaging to JTBDs, crafting messaging and positioning plans, and building GTM plans
  • Content: Creating sales enablement, support, and marketing content to support go-to-market initiatives.

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Virtual personal assistant from Los Angeles supports companies with administrative tasks and handling of office organizational issues.