Content writing services

Long-form content writing starts at US$1,000 per piece.

This price includes:

  • Content strategy and outline: I map out the who, why, and what of your content piece.
  • Content research: I dig into the topic, angle, statistics, and relevant keywords. You’ll approve the outline before production starts.
  • Content writing: I produce the work (within 7 days of the outline approval) complete with title options and social media blurbs.
  • Search engine optimization: I optimize the piece to rank: copy, meta description, title, and image alt text.
  • Revision: You get two rounds of revisions.
  • Promotion: Your content piece can be cross-posted to your blog or newsletter, used for lead generation, and chopped up into bite-sized pieces forĀ social media demand generation.

Optional services

Optional services include:

  • Illustrations: I commission custom illustrations for your piece starting at US$100 per illustration.
  • Audio narration (US$200): I narrate the post to produce clear, engaging audio you can embed on the page or share to your podcast channel. (I am a former voiceover artist).

Here’s what a sample blog post looks like.

Please get in touch for customized pricing on e-books, UX writing, landing pages, and video scripts.

Next steps

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