Unlock Business Insights In Just 20 Minutes

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Are you a founder who is:

👉🏽 Struggling to target the right audience?
👉🏽 Not getting paid what you’re worth?
👉🏽 Unsure which channel to invest in?
👉🏽 Unsure what content to create?

Get unstuck in just 20 minutes — or I’ll fully refund your money, no questions asked.

what I can help you with:

  • Customer persona: Who your ideal audience is and what they care about
  • Pricing: How to price your offerings profitably and drop low-paying clients
  • Marketing strategy: How to put your business in front of the right audience
  • Content strategy: What to say to drive brand awareness and sales
  • Brand positioning: How to stand out against your competitors

Get clear on your content positioning and know exactly what to say to get your audience’s attention.

Mo, you’re helpful and efficient AF. This service is a great way to access your ability to connect dots and compress time. I appreciate you!

Chantal Claasen, Operations Manager

Who Is Mo, anyway?

I’m Dr. Mo — a marketer, entrepreneur, and speaker who’s helped brands get clear on their content and business strategy for over a decade.

In that time, I’ve watched many founders toil away for years in obscurity, trying to gain visibility from the wrong audience while making little money.

Heck, I was once that founder myself.

My experiences taught me that if get your business strategy wrong from the start, nothing else matters.

You’ll waste time, money, and energy chasing dead ends — and become highly frustrated.

Correct your business strategy in just 20 Mins

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Can you really help me in just 20 minutes?


You’ll get practical insights or your money back.

I’ve read pages of content and listened to hundreds of hours of business speakers, marketing consultants, and sales ‘gurus.’

Most of them rehash the same key concepts in different packaging… and bill you thousands for them.

My goal is to provide accessible business insights in the shortest possible time.

I spend a lot of time talking to founders — and they struggle with the same three things:

  1. Not know who they’re targeting — so they waste money targeting everybody
  2. Not knowing what to charge — so they underprice themselves
  3. Not knowing what to say — so they create weak content

A quick, 20-minute call can prevent you from chasing the wrong audience, under-charging your clients, or creating ineffective content.

Access to you has been super helpful. If there is someone out there with a fantastic idea thinking “I wish I could pick his brain,” they could really benefit from this service.

Lerato Mokonyane, Founder of Good Food Studio

Simply fill in the form below to get started. You’ll be redirected to my Calendly booking page after payment.

Always bringing the value, Mo. Just wanted to say thank you!

Jessica Swanson, Copywriter and Business Owner

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