30-Day Content Calendar Template

Beat Writer’s Block And Create High-Impact Content In Just 60 Minutes

Brainstorming content ideas is hard. Not everyone is an expert copywriter.

This content template helps you craft 30+ high-impact posts in one sitting… without spending money on a social media content strategist.

It took me 10 years of trial and error to distill everything I’ve learned into this template.

Now you can avoid the mistakes I made and start creating content that drives clicks, conversations, and cash without dealing with writer’s block.

Beat Writer’s Block Today

This 30-day content strategy template makes your marketing easier by helping you to:

  • Qualify prospects effectively
  • Explain the cost of inaction
  • Counter sales objections
  • Describe your product
  • Explain how to buy it
  • Show case studies
  • Display credibility
  • Explain its pricing
  • Showcase videos
  • Describe its ROI
  • Showcase pics
  • Bust myths

And so much more.

A good content coach will charge you upwards of $250+ for one session. Priced at just $9/R199, this content calendar template is a steal.

Go From ‘HOW?’ To ‘AHA!’ In Just 60 Minutes

Skip the long hours thinking of what to write on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. (You have better things to do.)

With this content template, you can now write an entire month’s worth of content in one sitting — and spend the rest of the month fielding inquiries and running other aspects of your business.

Perfect For Freelancers, Consultants, and Small Business Owners

When you’re running a one-person business, you only have so much bandwidth for content marketing — and hiring an effective content coach can be costly.

This content template cuts down the need for a content strategist, expensive social media marketing, or precious hours wasted on brainstorming content ideas.


  1. Fill in this 30-day content template
  2. Upload to your socials
  3. Done

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How To Use This Template:

  1. After purchasing this template, you’ll be redirected to the master spreadsheet where you can easily ‘Make a copy’ to your Google Drive.
  2. Then, fill in the template with your own captions and schedule them to your social media profiles using Publer (my favorite scheduling tool) or any other social media scheduling tool.
  3. Lastly, sit back and watch your high-impact content get delivered to your social media audience — on autopilot.

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