And That’s OK

A small part of anxiety stems from our fear of failure, rejection, and abandonment. A small part of depression stems from taking said failure, rejection, and abandonment too personally.


Affirmations—Afro girl travelling in foreign city

The same way we all have the power to infect people with bad narratives (sometimes unwittingly), we can also vaccinate them with strength and determination.

Bee The Flower

Honey bee on a flower

By creating compelling content around your brand, products and services, you make it more attractive for bees to stop by your flower and drink your branded nectar.

Your Daily Debt

Your daily debt

When you wake up in the morning—before you’ve brushed your teeth or washed your face or checked your phone—you already owe yourself money.

Sell Hammers, Not Houses

Sell hammers, not houses

There are more attempts than achievements in any field. Here’s how to leverage both ends of the supply and value chain for greater profit.

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